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Frequently Asked Questions

About signalDP

Trading signal providers that use or want to use Telegram, Discord and MT4 to distribute them.  

You can link your Telegram or Discord subscribers up to the global financial markets via our unique Signal Link product, developed alongside Trade Nation, a globally regulated CFD provider.

When enabled, a link is auto-generated at the bottom of each of your new signal messages. This takes your users direct into pre-filled order ticket in the Trade Nation App. Your referrals are tracked automatically earning you a commission on each and every client.

See Signal Link in action

To enable and benefit from this, you will need to be part of the Trade Nation partnership program, something we can help you join. 

For providers of quality signals to an engaged trading audience, it is a great win-win-win way to monetize the process.

*subscribers will need to open a live Trade Nation account, this can be set up the first time they visit the broker. signalDP can not guarantee acceptance.  

As a signal provider using signalDP, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Increases your revenue – you can opt to build in direct-to-deal-ticket functionality to your signals, creating a seamless, commission-generating, link to the financial markets for your audience.  

2. Saves your time – input your signal once and signalDP does the rest. All post-input signal stages are monitored and run automatically. 

3. Saves you cost – the platform is free to use, with no setup or ongoing cost. 

4. Increases signal quality – no missed signal status updates and real-time market pricing. 

5. Increases your credibility – third-party system with inbuilt controls monitoring your signals.

6. Security of audience – integrates with your existing channels so you never have to send your audience somewhere else to consume the signal. 

7. Increases audience size – timely accurate signals improves engagement in your community, reducing churn and growing your audience. 

As a signal provider, you input a signal once into our platform, then all the subsequent stages of that signal are tracked using real-time market pricing. Your Telegram channel subscribers are kept informed by our platform as the signal passes through its lifecycle – from creation to outcome and everything in between.

Without it, you have to spend significant amounts of time and money monitoring and reporting a signal’s outcome and/or building infrastructure to do it. This is all now done by signalDP.

A trading signal is a trigger for action; either to buy or sell a security, generated by analysis. All signals have a lifecycle, let’s look at how signalDP’s platform helps signal providers at each stage.

Step 1 – Analysis – Trade ideas are formed by the signal provider, signalDP is not involved yet.

Step 2 – Set up – Entered as a signal by the provider in signalDP, very similar to entering an order. 

Step 3 – Distribution – signalDP packages up the signal as a message and distributes it into the provider’s Telegram and/or Discord community or to an MT4 EA.

 Step 4 – Status changes – signalDP monitors the signal against its market price in real-time. As the signal progresses through its lifecycle the stages are communicated to the provider’s Telegram channel. 

Step 5 – Confirmation – Once complete, signalDP will confirm the outcome of the signal and, if applicable, the amount of P&L in units. 

Step 6 – Reporting – signalDP provides each provider with a unique reporting URL, detailing all historic signals. The provider can use this in its business as it sees fit. 

Our platform monitors each signal against live market prices and distributes a message to your Telegram or Discord channel for the following status changes:

  • New signal created
  • Signal amended
  • Signal expired
  • Trade triggered
  • Exit levels on a live trade amended
  • Trade closed
  • Trade at market placed

As a signal provider, you will appreciate when building a business based on insight, trust is crucial. Our platform helps you do this in several ways:

  • Every signal is monitored against a live market price for that security. This gives your subscribers the confidence the signal events are genuine and in line with the market.
  • Your subscribers gain confidence in your signals because we are a third-party to your business and our success rests on our ability to accurately report a signal’s performance. 
  • While the system is flexible around how you use it, the platform has several inbuilt rules that reinforce trust. These include providers not being able to delete signals from the platform, having sequential message and signal numbering, and only being able to set one take profit level.
  • Every provider gets a reporting page on the signalDP site which they can share with their audience.
  • By automating everything from the point you enter a signal your followers see a flawless signal messaging system that never misses a price, forgets a stop loss or contradicts itself.

signalDP is free to use. If providers choose to monetise their channels and partner with our platform broker, Trade Nation, we are paid a master affiliate commission on the business introduced. This is not taken from your commissions, it is paid to us directly. 

No. One of the main benefits of our platform is decentralised distribution. This means we send your signals direct to your Telegram or Discord channel, or via the MT4 EA. Unlike some signal systems, you do not have to send subscribers somewhere else to receive a signal, they are kept on your channel, which significantly increases the potential of your business. 

As a signal provider, you will continue to be the admin on your Telegram channel, providing as much content as you wish. 

No, the signal comes from you, the signal provider. Our platform distributes, monitors, reports on and helps you monetise your signals and channels.

We leave the analysis and insight to you.

However, we can connect you to other signal providers on our platform via our signal syndication service. 

We receive a master affiliate commission when providers refer clients to our platform broker – Trade Nation.

No. As a signal provider, the marketing of your channel is up to you.

Yes. As a signal provider, you can still message your channel subscribers in the same way you did before integration, you are not handing over admin control of your Telegram or Discord channel. The only messages our platform sends relate to the signals entered into it by you. 

No, far from it. Copy trading is when someone’s trading decisions are automatically replicated on the accounts of others. Signals are snippets of insightful information that recipients can choose to act on or not.   

No, we offer a tech solution to signal providers. We are not an arbiter of performance. 

Distribution Platform, distributing trading signals is what we do best!

Getting Started

We’ve built a wizard that allows you to integrate your Telegram or Discord channel seamlessly. 

As a provider, you enter a signal in the signalDP platform and not directly in your Telegram or Discord channels.

The new signal created message will appear instantly in your channel. 

Providers set five variables when initiating a signal:

  • the security
  • direction (buy or sell) 
  • target price
  • take profit level
  • stop loss level 

Once set, the last three can be amended, and another message is sent to the provider’s channel detailing the change.

Signals do not contain the stake or contract size.

We want to give you as a signal provider as much flexibility as possible to run your own business. 

There are several controls designed into our system, like not being able to delete signals in the platform, one take profit level per signal, and sequential signal and message IDs. 

We provide a reporting page for each provider on the signalDP site which lists what you have put through the platform. It is down to you how you use the reporting page. 

The only thing that is a big no-no is if a provider systematically deletes signal messages from within their Telegram or Discord channels to make themselves look better than they are. signalDP offers decentralised distribution which allows the provider to retain admin control of their Telegram and Discord channels so this can happen. While sequential signal and message IDs and the reporting page help subscribers spot this practice we can not fully design it out. 

If we see providers doing this they will be kicked off the platform. 

We monitor signals in a wide range of forex, index, equity, commodities, and bonds.

A full list can be found here: Markets offered list

When you enable MT4 as a signal destination our platform builds you your own EA you send to your MT4 clients. 

Your clients need to install the EA and they’ll receive your signals in their MT4 platform. 


Our system has a tried and tested, battle-hardened, trading platform at its core to process and monitor signals. This means we can offer serious performance and scale, monitoring tens of thousands of signals, in thousands of markets for thousands of signal providers concurrently.  

Our platform sits on AWS, with all its scale and performance benefits. 

No. We connect our platform to a provider’s Telegram account with a Telegram bot. The bot only requires post message admin access. It can not retrieve or see your Telegram subscribers.

To create a seamless link with your Telegram channel a Telegram bot needs to be installed by the admin on the channel.

When in your channel head over to the manage channel section, go to administrators, add an administrator, look up and add our bot called @SignaldpBot, make sure ‘post messages’ access is enabled and you are good to go.

No, not yet. As a signal provider, you can access the platform via a web app, which works best on desktop. 

Yes, this allows signal providers to build the platform’s functionality into anything they want – their website, app or anything digital. 

Please contact us for more information if you want to explore the API. 


There is a support section in the platform for providers. 

If you have any questions before signing up please book a demo.

No. This is an important control feature of the system. If the signal no longer becomes valid it should be closed in the platform, this will expire the signal and distribute an expiry message into the provider’s channel. The signal will always be recorded.   

Every signal message posted by signalDP has a unique ID structured using this formula: username-signal number-message number. So, for a provider with the username ‘simon’, the ID on the 5th message in their 54th signal would be simon-54-5. 

This helps in a couple of ways. First, it provides subscribers with the comfort they haven’t missed a signal or a message. 

Second, because signalDP offers a decentralised distribution model, where signal providers retain full admin control over their Telegram channel, it means any message can, in theory, be deleted. With sequential ID’s subscribers (and us) will spot this practice pretty quickly. 

When signing up, every provider is given a reporting page on our site. This is an uneditable list of all the signals you’ve placed through our platform. 

When you see the benefits you won’t want to but if you do it is very easy. If you decide to leave all you need to do is remove the bot from your Telegram channel and the link is severed.

All the signal messages posted before will remain on your channel history as will your reporting page on our site. 

We’ve seen thousands of signal providers this is one area that can be abused when it comes to reporting.

While most providers have good intentions, some providers (not on our platform) list multiple take-profit levels and retrospectively choose the most favourable one when doing their reporting…we don’t think this is a fair way of measuring a signal’s performance. 

A good signal should have one take profit. If there are multiple levels of take profit in the provider’s analysis then those should be separate signals, that way they can be measured and reported on discretely. 

Want to learn more?

We will show you how signalDP can be used to build a world-class trading signals business.