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Build a signals business to be proud of with our industry leading tech.

Proven signal monetization

Unleash the commercial potential of your trading community and supercharge your channel engagement by adding a new method of generating revenue only available at signalDP.

Signal Link lets you offer direct-to-deal ticket functionality in each of your signals, connecting your audience seamlessly to the world’s financial markets while generating a stream of commission for you.


Instant decentralized signal distribution

Connect signalDP with your Telegram channel or group and your audience will receive instant, accurate notifications as your signals progress through each stage.

Build your own audience and not someone else’s. With signalDP, you do not have to send your hard-won followers to a third-party channel to receive your signal.

signalDP integrates with Telegram, Discord and MT4.

Real-time signal monitoring

Enter your signal once and the signalDP platform will flawlessly monitor it in real-time through its whole lifecycle, from creation, to live trade and completion.

Built on trading platform technology using third-party market pricing your signals will never be out of line with the market.

signalDP can concurrently monitor hundreds of signals for each provider, saving you time, and money while providing your followers with a professional service.


Complete customization

signalDP does the heavy lifting when it comes to signals monitoring, distribution, and monetization but has a suite of features to allow you to build your signals business in the way you want to.

Features including message template customization, opening-only mode, and your own unique reporting URL mean no two signal providers using signalDP are the same.

Credibility baked in

signalDP comes with a range of features designed to build your credibility.

Third-party signals monitoring, live market prices, instant communication, sequential signal IDs, and tamperproof reporting all help you stand out from the crowd. 

These all come as standard, just by simply using signalDP, your signals business will receive a credibility boost.


Want to learn more?

We will show you how signalDP can be used to build a world-class trading signals business.