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14. Which Model Should You Use?

If you followed our advice from Section 1, then you’ll already have spent some time developing a small telegram channel with a solid, consistent ERR and churn. This is important because you need a set of baseline statistics from which to measure different models. We’d suggest that you need at least one month of stats before you’re able to work out the best ways to monetize. 

No paywall barrierNo trust wall barrierShare in benefit to the client
Premium signalsXX
Broker referrals
Account managementX

Similar to the trial-and-error process that has got you to this point, your job now is to test each model you can offer. Test each in isolation, measuring the overall impact on ERR, churn and profit per subscriber. At this stage you are trying to optimize the profit per subscriber vs any drop off in your engagement stats. 

This is too complicated to do this in your head, or on the back of a napkin, so it is probably time to dust off your excel spreadsheet skills and model it properly. Make sure your excel model accommodates new subscribers, churn, and an estimate for cost per new subscriber (these are all from stage 1), then add this to the revenue per subscriber from the new offering. 

Measure this for real in your channel with 100-200 new subscribers, then use the spreadsheet to project what the total profit for the channel will be if you added 1,000, or even 10,000 new subscribers.  

What this technique will show you, is the importance of churn. A low churn, even with a fairly low revenue per subscriber, is likely better than a high one with a high revenue per subscriber. Churn is the rate at which your snowball melts. 

You need to be super careful here, but there’s nothing stopping you from offering more than one monetization option. For example, we’ve seen broker referrals, account management and a premium signals channel all being offered by one provider.

We recommend starting with the order ticket linked broker promotion that only signalDP offers. This is because it does not come with a paywall, a high trust wall, it has automatic tracking, and is highly relevant to the problem the subscriber is seeking to solve. It also helps your clients access the financial markets seamlessly and faster. Instead of increasing churn, we’ve seen this technique actually reduce it while adding revenue.

When you settle on the right model, your engagement stats have settled down, and you know your profit per subscriber, you are ready to scale your business by focusing on marketing. We’ll save marketing strategies for another guide, but we’ve included some useful links at the end of the summary that will help.