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15. Summary

When creating a signal channel, your aim should be to provide real value to your end users. The content on your channel needs to be relevant and solve your subscribers’ problems. Once you’re able to deliver on your channel objective, you’ll become trusted by your audience and your channel will become credible. 

For your subscribers to engage with your content, your channel needs to have a single focus. Consistency is key to keeping subscribers, so once you settle on something that is working you need to do the same things, in the same way, over time. If you follow these steps, before long, you’ll have a small channel with a low churn rate and a consistently high ERR. 

When it comes to monetizing, you have four main options. Premium signal channels are simple to implement but you need to be good at marketing your free channel. Broker referral channels offer all their insights for free, with the aim of making money from referral fees. 

With account management channels, either the client sends funds to the provider directly, or they fund their own account and provide the access details on a trading platform. You can also cross sell other services within the context of your audience’s needs.

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About signalDP

SignalDP helps traders, educators, mentors, and market participants effortlessly monetise their Telegram channels with the world’s only de-centralized Signal Distribution Platform. We’ll help you save time and money with automation, going from a trade idea to distribution in your own Telegram channel within seconds. 

After inputting your signal once, signalDP does the rest. Your signals are monitored in real-time against third-party market prices and your audience is updated as each one progresses through its lifecycle. 

Our platform helps you build credibility using financial technology to ensure your signals will never be out of tune with the market. We offer independent market pricing, instant messaging and simple inbuilt controls, so you can offer a signals service that your audience trusts.

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