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4. How to be Relevant

The content on your channel needs to solve your subscribers’ problems. After landing on your channel, people will quickly decide whether it’ll help them or not. 

This begs the question of how to create relevant content. Far too often, we see trading related channels trying to be all things to all people. We see channels offering education, market news, trading signals, strategies, bots, and so on. The key is to focus on one specific aspect, specifically signal trading. 

The main reason people seek out a signals channel is to make money from trading. They consider the easiest route to making money is to have someone more experienced provide them with a blueprint. Typically, your target audience will consist of:

  • Students – They don’t understand the analysis that has gone into a signal but they want to. To be relevant to this group, you need to take the time to explain your analysis. 
  • Copycats – They don’t want to understand, they want to copy. This group isn’t looking for explanations, they just want the signal in a compact and actionable format.
  • Analysts – They understand the analysis but they want to save time. Channels with this type of subscriber might need to outline the facts and explain why a signal has been generated. However, they don’t need to be educated.

In our experience, most Telegram subscribers are ‘copycats’. To be relevant to this group, your channel needs to deliver content that does the following:

  • Provides trading signals – You should try to track and provide timely, clear updates at each stage of the signal. For example, if the trade was triggered, did it make a profit or a loss, and were there any changes? The good news is that the signalDP platform does all this for you seamlessly and automatically from the point at which you create the signal. This should make up the bulk of your channel content.
  • Builds trust – This can be done in many ways and is unique to the assets available to the provider. The most affordable way to build trust is to deliver an honest report on your trading performance and be transparent about your thoughts and mindset. Channels that require more time and investment usually provide free resources, like trading courses and guides.

Here is a great example of how to structure a signal in Telegram:

Example of how to structure a trading signal in Telegram.

Practical tips on making your channel relevant: 

1. Set a clear objective – Be sure to communicate the purpose of your channel to your audience. This is normally done in the channel info section and by pinning a post to the top of your channel that explains what value people will gain from following.

Here’s a good example of a clear objective in the channel info section:

Example of a clear objective being set in the Telegram channel info section

2. Don’t deviate from your objective – At least not without careful consideration. Even if you think you are adding value to your audience, it’s important to stay within the area of your channel’s focus.

4. Solve a particular problem for your audience – For example, ‘‘I normally provide 3 – 4 trading signals for the US Open on US equity indices, based on my technical analysis and market knowledge. While I have been trading my own account for ten years, I do not make any promises around performance.’’

5. Be specific with your value proposition – Communicate your asset class, timeframe and strategy. For example, ‘‘I provide signals in US indices, and I trade 4h charts and seek to take advantage of long term correlations and short term convergences in index markets.’’

6. Align your marketing message – Make sure that your marketing messages tie in with the problem you are solving for your audience.