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6. How to Generate Engagement

For your subscribers to stick around, they need to connect with your content, which brings us back to the importance of having a single focus for the channel. Relevant content engages. 

If you track and analyze your channel using a tool like TGStat’s top posts, you’ll start to see what posts engage your audience the most, as measured by ERR, reactions, links clicked, and shares. Watch this like a hawk. 

One of the most important, often overlooked, factors in engagement is the timing of your messages. Ideally, you want to make posts when your subscribers are online and active. A good stats package will tell you when your subscribers are online. People don’t normally engage with something when they are asleep!

The signals messages you send need to be succinct, delivering only the crucial points. If someone is copying your signals, they don’t want to have to read between the lines to find the important information. 

Here’s an example of a good signals message:

Example of a good Trading Signal message on Telegram

Here, you can see that the direction, market, target price, take profit and stop loss are all clear. 

By comparison, here’s what a bad signals message looks like: 

Example of a bad Trading Signal message on Telegram

This might have been a genius trading signal, and although charts are a great way to communicate in some scenarios, in this case, this is not a clear signal. The direction and market are clear, however, it’s very difficult to work out the target price, take profit or stop loss.

When it comes to creating non-signals content, there’s no generic checklist to follow. This is something you need to experiment with. However, when writing non-signal messages, you should keep the following in mind: 

  • There are humans at both ends, not just signals and subscribers. Your personality must shine through to connect on an emotional level.  
  • Try to eliminate unnecessary words. You’re looking for short and snappy content.
  • Write using an active voice to maximize engagement. 
  • Try using the second person and addressing the audience directly, i.e., using the word ‘you’.
  • Try to make your content actionable. Encourage people to act on the information you post.