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8. Testing What Works

Now you know what a good channel looks like, it’s time to put it into practice. If you already have a client base and are considering adding a signals channel to what you already offer, then all you need to do is promote the channel to your existing audience. 

While it is a little harder, if you don’t have a client base, we’d recommend approaching a signals promotion channel and paying a small fee for some exposure. If you can, try to recruit 100-200 subscribers in order to add weight to the statistics.

Every time you try something new, write down what you think will happen, measure it, and if it improves your channel, keep doing it.  The aim at the end of stage 1, is to have a small channel with a low churn and a consistent, ideally high, average ERR24 (20-30%). 

This is unlikely to happen overnight, and it will take time to get to this stage, but with a little application, it’s entirely achievable. You should not be worried about the number of subscribers you are attracting, the cost of doing so, or your bottom line – this will all come later, after you have developed an offer worth growing.

If you decide to use signalDP, then integrate it into your channel and start adding signals before any subscribers even show up. The signal messages produced by the platform will form the backbone of your channel. Then, it’s over to you to experiment with the non-signal content.