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1. Introduction

This guide has been written by the experienced team here at signalDP. We’re the world’s leading decentralized trading signals distribution platform. We help providers distribute, monitor and monetize their trading signals in their own Telegram channels. Our platform is free to use and aims to transform the way you do business.

Throughout our time with signalDP, we’ve come across thousands of trading signal providers, a lot of which are on Telegram. We’ve seen the best of the best, with a seven-figure business being created using little more than a respected trader’s insight, a telegram channel, an understanding of their target clients, and some hard work. 

We’ve also seen the hidden gems, the shooting stars that burn out, and yes – we’ve seen the outright scams that thankfully die out pretty quickly. We’ve taken all of this experience and we’ve condensed it into an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

The book begins with a refresher section and assumes that you already have a basic understanding of financial markets, social media, Telegram and business. It covers the main characteristics that make a high-quality trading signals channel and includes some practical tips, examples and processes for developing one. 

The second section assumes you’ve followed the first, and focuses on how to monetize your channel. Although we see it a lot, there’s little point in trying to monetize a channel with poor content.

We hope you’ll find the information here useful. We truly believe that this guide contains everything you need to know to make more money from offering trading signals on Telegram.

To your success,

The signalDP team.