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Run, monetize and scale your trading signals community in Telegram using our proven fintech.

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Free up your time with signal automation

Go from a trade idea to distribution in your Telegram channel instantly. Input your signal once and signalDP does the rest.

Your signals are monitored against real-time market prices and your audience updated as each one progresses through it’s lifecycle.

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Build credibility

Enjoy a step change in credibility just by using signalDP – independent market pricing, instant distribution, reporting, customizable templates and simple inbuilt controls means you can offer a signals service your audience trusts.

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Supercharge your revenue with Signal Link

Unleash the commercial potential of your trading community by adding a new method of generating revenue only available at signalDP.

Signal Link lets you offer direct-to-deal ticket functionality in each of your signals, connecting your audience seamlessly to the world’s financial markets while generating a stream of commission for you.

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📈 Trading signals the plug-and-play way

Connect your Telegram channel to SignalDP

1. Connect your
Telegram channel

It only takes 2 minutes to link your existing Telegram channel with signalDP.

Enter your trading signals using a deal ticket

2. Enter your
trading signals

When you identify a trading idea, enter it once in our portal and sit back, your job is done.​

We package, monitor and distribute your signals

3. We package,
monitor & distribute

We track each signal in realtime through its lifecycle, letting your subscribers know status changes.​

You ,monetise your Telegram channel subscribers

4. Monetize your

Use Signal Link to connect your subscribers to the world’s financial markets and earn regular commissions.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

Trading signal providers that use or want to use Telegram to distribute them.  

As a signal provider using signalDP, you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Increases your revenue – you can opt to build in direct-to-deal-ticket functionality to your signals, creating a seamless, commission-generating, link to the financial markets for your audience.  

2. Saves your time – input your signal once and signalDP does the rest. All post-input signal stages are monitored and run automatically. 

3. Saves you cost – the platform is free to use, with no setup or ongoing cost. 

4. Increases signal quality – no missed signal status updates and real-time market pricing. 

5. Increases your credibility – third-party system with inbuilt controls monitoring your signals.

6. Security of audience – integrates with your existing channels so you never have to send your audience somewhere else to consume the signal. 

7. Increases audience size – timely accurate signals improves engagement in your community, reducing churn and growing your audience. 

As a signal provider, you input a signal once into our platform, then all the subsequent stages of that signal are tracked using real-time market pricing. Your Telegram channel subscribers are kept informed by our platform as the signal passes through its lifecycle – from creation to outcome and everything in between.

Without it, you have to spend significant amounts of time and money monitoring and reporting a signal’s progress and/or building infrastructure to do it. This is all now done by signalDP.

On top of saving you time and money through automated signal distribution, you can also link your Telegram subscribers up to the global financial markets via our unique Signal Link product, developed alongside Trade Nation, a globally regulated CFD provider.

When enabled, a link is auto generated at the bottom of each of your new signal messages. This takes your users direct into pre-filled order ticket in the Trade Nation App. Your referrals are tracked automatically earning you a commission on each and every client.

See Signal Link in action

To enable and benefit from this, you will need to be part of the Trade Nation partnership program, something we can help you join. 

For providers of quality signals to an engaged trading audience, it is a great win-win-win way to monetize the process.

*subscribers will need to open a live Trade Nation account, this can be set up the first time they visit the broker. signalDP can not guarantee acceptance.  

A trading signal is a trigger for action; either to buy or sell a security, generated by analysis. All signals have a lifecycle, let’s look at how signalDP’s platform helps signal providers at each stage.

Step 1 – Analysis – Trade ideas are formed by the signal provider, signalDP is not involved yet.

Step 2 – Set up – Entered as a signal by the provider in signalDP, very similar to entering an order. 

Step 3 – Distribution – signalDP packages up the signal as a message and distributes it into the provider’s Telegram channel.

 Step 4 – Status changes – signalDP monitors the signal against its market price in real-time. As the signal progresses through its lifecycle the stages are communicated to the provider’s Telegram channel. 

Step 5 – Confirmation – Once complete, signalDP will confirm the outcome of the signal and, if applicable, the amount of P&L in units. 

Step 6 – Reporting – signalDP provides each provider with a unique reporting URL, detailing all historic signals. The provider can use this in its business as it sees fit. 

No. One of the main benefits of our platform is decentralised distribution. This means we send your signals direct to your Telegram channel. Unlike some signal systems, you do not have to send subscribers somewhere else to receive a signal, they are kept on your channel, which significantly increases the potential of your business. 

As a signal provider, you will continue to be the admin on your Telegram channel, providing as much content as you wish. 

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